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Has the time finally come where keys to unlock doors are now in the past?

According to Sesame Labs that is the case – the technology company has invented the Sesame Smart Lock which gives access to friends, family and vistors without keys, codes or RFID chips.

The only thing you need is your smartphone. Sesame detects your phone through Bluetooth LE when you come home and automatically unlocks the door for you.

The lock also automatically locks the door after you when you leave. Through your phone or the online dashboard you can share access to your home with others, by letting Sesame unlock the door via their phones as well.

At the end of last year Sesame Labs turned to crowdfunding to help them push ahead with the project and successfully raised £50,000 in December through Angels Den.

The company found out about Angels Den after attending a SpeedFunding event and the introduction to the crowdfunding platform allowed them to raise investment and fast forward their launch preparations.

"The investment meant that we could assemble the rest of the team, prep hardware and get the assets ready for launch. It is extremely exciting watching Sesame Labs develop day by day and we think the case for the smart home is being validated on a daily basis. This makes us confident in our go to market strategy and how we have chosen to allocate funds."

Since getting the initial funding on Angels Den, Sesame Labs has raised a further $108,455 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. 

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