Invoice Funding

Company Details:

This client is an upcycling company – they take used and scrap electronic goods, and if possible refurbish and resell them, if not, they recycle them.


‘What a great product! GapCap has given our business the cash flow boost to start supplying much larger companies, simply because we can now take their 90 day payments. The stock option works perfectly - we get cheaper rates, shift excess inventory and expand our sales channel – what a fantastic finance facility!’

John, MD of our client

Transaction Challenges:

This client came to GapCap because they had an opportunity to provide double as many laptops to their largest customer, but only if they could hold 90 day payment terms. Our client was running on 30 days with their supplier and 30 day terms with the customer – if they moved to 90 days they could double their revenue with this customer.

Transaction Solution:

Due to the credit worthiness of the end debtors GapCap stood in a good position to transact quickly on this deal. Together with this, due to the nature of the business GapCap were able to offer the Unique Stock Option as a part-payment structure to the client. To now, GapCap has transacted on 8 deals and takes a portion of the interest rate on each deal in laptops, which are distributed via the Bartercard network to various new markets.

Success Story

The client had been looking for a facility for a while and had been referred to various other invoice finance houses, yet didn’t like their processes or their cost. It was GapCap’s unique stock option which ultimately won the client over. The MD of the business loved the idea of obtaining an invoice finance facility which not only provided a more competitive rate than other market leaders, but also acted as an extra sales channel – which led to further expansion of his business.

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