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CADA Design Group provides interior design services for food and beverage stores.

Their 30-strong team, based in London’s Southbank, work with clients all over the world, from China to Brazil, India to the UK. It was formed in 1992 by David Callcott (current president of the Chartered Society of Designers and former Managing Director of John Michael Design Plc) and David Anderson.

Working with large corporates, CADA has always seen issues with long and late payment of invoices.

Using MarketInvoice

Being a design agency focused on service delivery, CADA is low on fixed assets such as machinery or equipment.

MarketInvoice was a perfect solution, since funds are advanced based on the value of invoices, not on the assets in the business.

Ashley Smith, Company Secretary, CADA explains his experience:

“MarketInvoice offers a cost effective, swift and efficient way to smooth out the rollercoaster effects that sometimes affect cash flow, whether foreseen or otherwise.

“Having looked for a product for our kind of business we were delighted at the ease taken in setting up and using the platform.

There are varying reasons for using the platform, whether it’s the result of the late payment by a client, or a large bill that requires funding in advance of receipt of funds from the end client."

"CADA specialises in the food and beverage industry, which often leads to low volume high value invoicing and having an additional resource available alongside conventional funding thus simplifies the process of cash management.

“The service received over the past two years has been first class and I have had no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses.

“MarketInvoice has delivered on every occasion giving time to and removing the

stress of finding a solution.”

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