Invoice Funding

Company Details

This client produces luxury lavender based cosmetic products.


"The service from GapCap has been excellent; they're exactly the partner we need as we grow into new markets and opportunities."

JM, MD of our client

Transaction Challenges

Our client, a producer of luxury based lavender cosmetic products, came to GapCap having received an abnormally large order from a large multinational. The size of the order and longer payment terms was impeding our client’s working capital reserves.

Transaction Solution

GapCap stepped in to ensure that as soon as the goods were delivered, our client was paid. Not only was GapCap able to provide a predictably priced financing option but also we were able to save the client money on the transaction itself. Previously our client used traditional bank transfers at uncompetitive, low exchange rates. Through GapCap’s multicurrency presence the client saved a significant amount on the transaction whilst improving their bottom line dramatically.

Success Story

After the success of the financing facility, our client is using the cash flow boost to prepare for the next large order where he will be using GapCap’s services again.

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