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The MyPlanet LIFE team is behind a new social media software solution for business. The company has a 12 person team based in the UK and New Delhi, India.

Guy Flintham, CEO commented:

"We identified a clear gap in the emerging 'social media for business' market.

With zero budget initially, we built a prototype social media platform which quickly gained attention."

We secured initial angel investment and were able to turn MyPlanet LIFE from a project into a company.

Using MarketInvoice

Selling their software to large corporates, MyPlanet LIFE saw typical payment terms of 45 days.

Guy Flintham, CEO, read about MarketInvoice in The Sunday Times and quickly understood that the flexibility of usage, terms and rates made it an attractive option for maintaining healthy cashflow.

"Invoice investing platform MarketInvoice in particular allows you to put through one invoice at a time and you aren't forced to put through your whole invoice ledger."

They understand what businesses need and are far more flexible than other invoice finance products on the market.

"We are still an early revenue stage company, however, our typical order size is quite substantial and therefore the service is very significant for us.

MarketInvoice is an ideal companion solution for a new business with real growth aspiration."

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