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Family run business, Merritt Decorators Ltd. is based in the South East of England, and has a range of customers including Specsavers, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon Homes, Charles Church and Rollalong (working on Army Barracks and RAF Camps). This is in addition to many other building contracts both nationally and within the local area. Steve Merritt founded the company in 2003 and runs it with his son James.

Covering the whole of the South of England means that Steve spends the majority of his time travelling. When he does get to spend time in the office there is little time for form-filling. As is common for many businesses within the industry, cash flow sometimes becomes an issue when unforeseen costs are incurred and funds are needed at short notice in order to finish a project.

Unlike many other companies Merritt Decorators remained busy throughout the recession and turnover increased by 50% in the last twelve months. Merritt Decorators is a demanding business, so when Steve had 3 jobs land on his desk which were all due to start within a week, he needed more labour and more cash to pay for it. Steve’s previous experience of speaking to his bank had always involved being steered towards invoice finance; a route that he didn’t feel was right for his business and that he didn’t want to go down. In this case Everline provided a useful alternative, “with Everline I wasn’t pushed towards an option that I didn’t want. All I had to specify was how much I wanted to borrow and when I wanted to pay it back. The speed and ease of application, with no pages of forms to fill out and no visits to solicitors to sign contracts met my needs perfectly.”

For Steve, the bank had been the traditional port of call for any finance needs. However, he began to find that for his purposes, the process was long-winded and slow.

Steve said: “It certainly wasn’t dealt with, with the same speed and efficiency as Everline… I started off my application and had the money in the bank within two hours.”

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