Life Made Easier for Dyrhoff Thanks to Ebury

Peer-to-business Loans

Trade financing platform, Ebury, has stepped in to help a design and manufacturing company purchase goods in a more efficient way.

Dyrhoff UK Ltd specialises in the design and supply of inflatable rubber dams and spillway gates for infrastructure projects. The company has been involved in the rubber dam business since 1989 and in the spillway gate business since 1997.

The company has a long-standing relationship with their US supplier with who they had previously purchased goods using letters of credit as an assurance of payment.

Despite this way being a strong form of guarantee, it is also costly and inflexible. Due to the trus...

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Gaming Turns to Crowdcube

Equity Funding

The social network gaming company, gamesGRABR, has successfully raised more than £450,000 through 221 investors in its second round of funding on Crowdcube.

The game company has smashed its original target of £250,000 by over 80% and has also received funding from the London Co-investment Fund (LCIF) - the first technology company to do so.

The LCIF launched late last year to invest £25m in London-based seed stage companies within the Technology, Digital and Science sectors over the next three years. The fund includes a number of investment partners with Crowdcube as the only crowdfunding platform selected and is managed by Funding London and supported by the London Enterprise Panel, which...

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