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Top Tips for Applying for a Business Loan

Revenue-based Loans

By Carolynn Blaxcell, Fleximize

Applying for a business loan can be a rather frustrating task to complete but Carolyn Blaxcell from Fleximize has given revealed her top five tips to follow when looking to borrow som...

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Funding Boost For Fleximize

Peer-to-business Loans

Fleximize has announced it has secured £5.5 million in funds from investors to provide to SMEs.

The alternative finance provider has never been scared about voicing its opinion about the current lending to SMEs and this raised finance will only b...

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One in Five SMEs Rejected by Banks

A new piece of research from Fleximize shows that British banks rejected roughly £1.44 billion worth of loan applications between July and September of last year.

This value was 28% higher than the previous quarter where £1.123 b...

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Case Studies

Flexibility was key for Cuthberts

Revenue-based Loans

The fact that Fleximize understood the business was the reason why toy store 'Cuthberts' turned to them for funding. Find out more by watching the video below:

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